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NinjaPirateSpy | Homepage


The Story

An epic tale of revenge, world domination, underground worlds, ancient aliens and badass superheroes. You will not be disappointed as you follow Ompie, the Master Ninjapiratespy penguin, through his journey in uncovering the evils that control this world and have been carefully orchestrating every event throughout world history.

After a vicious attack on Ompie's village in the spring of '45. He sets out to avenge the death of his family and discovers there is something much more sinister than anyone could have imaged and it is still occurring today.

From top secret mind control to the deliberate poisoning of the population. The Nazis experiment was nothing more than a beta trial for the true intentions of these sadistic controllers.

A true wolf in sheep's clothing scenario, these powers are herding the worlds population to their own gruesome death. Where the human species becomes the enemy through false claims of man made global warming and the indoctrination of the environmentalist religion.